Sunday, November 23, 2008

Much Anticipated

I'm sure you have all been sitting on pins and needles waiting for an update. Okay, so really there are only five of you that actually read my blog and I'm sure this information will not be new to you. Here it goes anyway.

The camp staff attended our annual camp conference in Ohio. This year the conference was at Scioto Hills Christian Camp in southern Ohio. It was quite a drive out there, but since we each have different plan before or after the conference, we pretty much never car pool. I stopped at my parents' on the way out to break up the trip and spend extra time with them. I'm not going to bore you with the details of my drive to the camp, but I'll sum it up by saying after trying those directions, I bought myself a GPS for Christmas. I was ready to pull over, cry, sleep the night in my Jeep and try again in the morning even though I was only about 10 miles from the camp. Southern Ohio road in the back woods at 10:00 at night are not fun.

The conference was great! It is basically our chance to go to camp. The highlight was Monday, when we all went to the Creation Museum. It was amazing and I would recommend it to everyone! The second highlight was actually the office round table discussion. It was scheduled to last an hour, but since there were so many with questions, we stayed for almost three hours. It is neat to be one of the ones with more experience that can offer help and advice to the new ones.

After the conference, I headed to Terre Haute, Indiana to spend the weekend with friends from college. As always, our time is spent catching up and making new memories. I am thankful for friends that even though we live far away and see each other about once a year, we can pick up right where we left off. Of course, the laughter was great! We had some good news among our group...Mary Ann is engaged! Congrats Mary Ann!

Next, I headed to my parents' house for a week of much needed vacation/rest. Bekah met me there on Monday and it was great to spend some time with her as well. I got to cook most of the week. I love to cook, but don't take the time to do it for myself much...besides, my mom cleans up after me when I cook at her house.

There is a Japanese foreign exchange student at the Christian school at my parents' church, so they arranged for her to come for dinner one night. Bekah made a traditional Japanese meal and had a chance to get to know Miho. Since she is here to learn our culture, she was not allowed to converse with Bekah in Japanese, but Bekah could. She loved hearing Bekah speak and she loved the meal. I have never seen anyone so tiny eat so much! She does not understand Christianity, but I think it helped to have Bekah explain a few things in her own language. Pray for Miho's salvation.

Well, that's it. Hope you enjoyed the update. I'm not feeling well, so I'm headed to bed, but since I promised the update, I thought I should do it first. I hope to write something before Thanksgiving, but if I don't get to it, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. May we remember to give God the glory for all He has done for us.

The museum has a neat petting zoo. This is Grover.

James seemed to look so much like the monkey that I just had to get a picture.

Dan the rodeo man.

Becky, Mary Ann and Roxi - I bet they are glad I didn't put some of the other pictures on. :)

Paige met us for lunch near an outlet mall. It was good to see her too.

The stove and oven stopped working just before dinner was done. Praise the Lord, the microwave finished it off just in time.

This is how the Japanese say, "Cheese!"

I don't know how to spell it's name, but this was very good and I'm usually a cautious eater.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Coming soon to a blog near you...

I promise to post an update some time this weekend. Since I have last posed, I have gone to the camp conference in OH, had a weekend with college friends, spent a week of vacation at my parents', and been back to work for a week. I'll have to fill you in on all the fun.

By the way, the Betz family has decided to keep Stella. They are calling her Lucy and she is fitting in nicely with their family (minus one chewed up helicopter and some undergarments).