Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, I've been absent once again. One of the reasons I haven't been posting is that I have tried to keep this blog a "complain-free zone." I don't like to air my struggles for the world to see. My motivation in writing this post is not to complain though. It is to seek prayer from friends and to try to encourage anyone else that is struggling as well.

I've been struggling with my health for several years with asthma/bronchitis and sinus issues. This past year has been much worse. It seems pretty constant and to be honest I'm very worn out and tired. (Also one of the reasons for my lack of posting.) I've been to my doctor many times and even to some specialists.

This week I was quite disappointed with a visit to a specialist. The tests he did came back fine, so I asked him what the next step was. He said it was a good question and he didn't know. That wasn't what I wanted to hear. In fact, it was quite discouraging. I'm going to head back to my doctor this week and see what the next steps may be.

I have several prayer requests concerning this issue:
  1. That I will be guided to the right doctor with the right answers
  2. That I will get answers before my busy summer begins
  3. That I will have the strength I need to accomplish the tasks before me
  4. That I will rest on God's promises
  5. That I will find my rest/peace/encouragement in Him

I have learned much through this struggle. God's Word is so powerful and has been my encouragement during this time. Just this morning I read Psalm 103:11 "For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His steadfast love toward those who fear Him."

I've been very tempted to start playing the "Why Game." (It's not a fun game...I don't recommend it.) But I am learning so much about God's sovereignty through the book I'm reading (Trusting God by Jerry Bridges) and through this trial. Romans 11:33-36 "Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and how inscrutable His ways! For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who has been His counselor? Or who has given a gift to Him that He might be repaid? For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever. Amen."

God does not owe me an explanation. And I don't want a God that does. He is powerful and sovereign. His knowledge is much more vast than mine. I just need to trust in His ability to see the big picture. I need to trust in His steadfast love. I need to trust in the grace He gives to get me through. I need to trust...Trust is hard, but not impossible.

So thanks for your prayers.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thank You!

I was suprised today with flowers!!!! I always forget when Administrative Professional's Day is, but the guys remember (or their wives do). God has blessed me with wonderful co-workers. I'm very thankful for opportunity to work at IRBC. It's a great ministry!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Issues at Hand

Hello friends! Those close to me know that political issue can sometimes fire me up. I decided to write today about two issues that need your involvement. I'll let the websites do the talking for me. I do want to make the point that we are so blessed to live in a country where we have a voice. So many times that voice is used for complaining and not action. Use it for action or you have no right to complain. (I'm off my soap box now.)

Issue #1
Check out this site to read more about the Provider Conscience Clause. Our President wants to make it mandatory for health care providers to provide abortions even if it violates their conscience. I heard about this just today. We only have till tomorrow to respond to have our voices heard on the issue.

Issue #2
I'm sure most of you have heard that Iowa is now the third state to legalize same sex marriages. Our supreme court judges decided to go outside the spectrum of their authority to create law. It's not too late though. Contact your legislators (if from Iowa) and ask them to support a vote on HJR 6. You can use this website to send them a message or send one of your own.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

To Make You Laugh

This is a little longer, but it made me laugh so hard I cried. Hope you have a good laugh too.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!

I wanted to wish everyone a joyous holiday. I know you have all been sitting on pins and needles wondering what I would do this year. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I was very lazy. I had a few ideas, but just didn't want to take the time to do it. Can you believe it? So I baked a pan of brownies and just made them wonder. You should have been in the office this morning. Everyone was looking in the offices to see what I had done. When they saw the pan of brownies they became very suspicious. Phil was the only brave soul to try one. After lunch, they saw there were no adverse affects so they started eating them. I just sat there with a big smile and made them wonder.

Well, to celebrate this special day, I did find a few really good pranks that have been pulled in the past. Enjoy! And please share any pranks that you played or had played on you. To see my past pranks, check out this and this.

I would like to thank Josh Huang for the elaborate prank he played on me. It was very thoughtful of you and very good.