Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday!

On Friday, we celebrated Dave Callison's 50th Birthday! Aaron, Anna and I decorated the office in the appropriate color. We also hid 50 cans of Diet Pepsi throughout his office. He probably won't find all of them till 2011.

Wal-Mart was out of black streamers and 50th B-Day stuff, so we improvised with trash bags.

In other news, Keri is coming in tonight and starts work this week. I've been piling work in her inbox for a few months now. I'm very happy she is coming back this summer and I'm glad to have her a week early.

I'm also dog sitting Lucy this week while Betz's are on vacation. She is so much fun!!! I've been spoiling her rotten. She's been so good.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ahhh - Vacation

So I know it's been awhile since my last post. Just to update you a bit on my health. I've had bronchitis again and I'm simply very tired. My appointment at Mayo is June 5. Thanks so much for your prayers. So now, on with the post!

My best friend, Bekah, came flew here two weeks ago and last week we went on vacation to Eureka Springs, AR. We rented a little cabin in the Ozark Mountains and just spent the week relaxing. It was so much fun and just what I needed. Enjoy the pictures of our trip.
The Jeep is loaded and ready to go. Now, if I can just get Bekah to get in so we can go!

This was our nice little cabin in the Ozark Mountains. It was very clean and tidy, which was very nice.

This is the view just down the road from our cabin on our morning walk. It was breath-taking.

Here we are on our morning walk. Let me tell you - taking a walk in the mountains is quite different than northern Iowa.

See that little gazebo down there in the clearing? Well, we walked all the way there and back up again.See that little clearing up near the top right of that hill? That's where we took the picture of the gazebo. This picture was taken from the gazebo. Our cabin is just around the corner from that clearing. It was a challenge to walk that, but felt so good!

Anybody know what this plant is? We saw it when we went on the walk at Blue Springs. They had gardens along the walk and I just loved this plant.

Here are some more pretty flowers from our walk at Blue Springs.

This picture and the next are for Amy B. I guess Chick-fil A is her favorite place to eat. It was my first time there and it was really yummy, but not very healthy (I didn't have a salad).

We did go up to Branson for a day. We ate at the Hard Luck Diner. This was our waitress Stephanie. It's a neat place to eat. All the waiters and waitresses sing and entertain you while they serve tables. A couple of the waiters have been finalists on American Idol.

This was outside the diner. We thought it was a fun photo op.

We saw "Noah the Musical." It was amazing! I would recommend that anyone see it if they are in Branson.

Last picture...taken just before Bekah left on Wednesday. It was such a nice time and I'm thankful for the time spent with Bekah. I'm blessed to have her as my friend.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Off to Mayo Clinic

I heard from my doctor's office today and my immune blood tests came back very low. My doctor is sending me to a specialist at Mayo Clinic. This is an answer to prayer that I finally have a direction to head. I'm thankful for a good doctor that did the necessary tests to find this problem. I don't have any information yet, but I'm thankful that there is some progress. I don't have an appointment yet. A couple ways that you can continue to pray:

1. I'm hoping to get an appointment in May before the busy summer starts. If I can't get in till later, then God knows all about that. I just would really like some solutions before the long hours start.

2. I'm hoping that I don't catch anything between now and then.

3. Praise that God is good!

Thanks so much for all of your prayers.