Monday, May 4, 2009

Off to Mayo Clinic

I heard from my doctor's office today and my immune blood tests came back very low. My doctor is sending me to a specialist at Mayo Clinic. This is an answer to prayer that I finally have a direction to head. I'm thankful for a good doctor that did the necessary tests to find this problem. I don't have any information yet, but I'm thankful that there is some progress. I don't have an appointment yet. A couple ways that you can continue to pray:

1. I'm hoping to get an appointment in May before the busy summer starts. If I can't get in till later, then God knows all about that. I just would really like some solutions before the long hours start.

2. I'm hoping that I don't catch anything between now and then.

3. Praise that God is good!

Thanks so much for all of your prayers.


Steve n Vickie said...

Don't get lost!!!! That place is a maze :D While you're there, you'll have to go by the language department and say hi to Kanae and Anne Louise. They're both Spanish interpreters at the Mayo Clinic, who were in my interpreting classes.
I'll be praying that you find some solutions to your health problems.
Rochester is a neat city, you'll enjoy visiting it.

Carrie said...

Well, at least you have some idea of what direction to head now, I guess! I'll be praying for you & hope you can get in before the summer! :)