Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, I am starting to feel much better. I'm not coughing as much and actually made it to the chapel service tonight. It was a great service! The music was incredible and the preaching was right on.

I also had another blessing today. I found out that I will be able to attend the installation service for my parents at their new church in Pana, IL on Aug. 17. It seemed impossible to get away, but God is so good and some of the other staff at camp are going to cover for me. I'm so excited to see my parents!!!

Well, it's off to bed for me!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pity Party

Okay, so I've been having a bit of a pity party tonight. Today is the first day of Sr. High Camp, which is the largest camp of the summer and tends to be the highlight. Instead of being at chapel in the midst of all the action, I'm at home in bed coughing. I've been struggling with bronchitis/asthma problems for three weeks now. (Lest you all worry about me too much, I'm headed to the lung specialist next week.)

In the midst of feeling sorry for myself, I was reminded that the devil doesn't want Sr. High Camp to be a success and one of the ways to accomplish that would be for our staff (me included) to become discouraged. We have several on staff that are getting sick this week including our Director, Contenders, Asst. Activity Director and others. Please be in fervent prayer for us. We need to press on and give our 100% with joy.

I was supposed to sing at church on Sunday night, but couldn't. The song I was going to sing is very fitting, so I'll share the words with you.

Hide Away in the Love of Jesus
by Steve and Vicki Cook

Come weary saints though tired and weak,
Hide away in the love of Jesus,
Your strength will return by His quiet streams,
Hide away in the love of Jesus.

Come wandering souls and find your home
Hide away in the love of Jesus,
He offers the rest that you yearn to know,
Hide away in the love of Jesus.

Hear Him calling your name
See the depths of His love in the wounds of His grace,
Hide away

Come guilty ones weighed down with sin
Hide away in the love of Jesus,
The freedom you long for is found in Him,
Hide away in the love of Jesus.


Come hopeless hearts, do not despair,
Hide away in the love of Jesus,
For ten thousand joys await you there,
Hide away in the love of Jesus.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Camp Update

I'll start this post by introducing you to my two wonderful secretaries. Melissa is on the left, and then me, and then Keri. They both do a super, fantastic, superb job. I'm thankful for them and utterly depend upon them. Though we work very hard, we have a lot of fun too, which you will see in the following pictures.

So how do you like my new look?

Melissa looks too smiley to pull this off.

Keri on the other hand it totally scary. :)

This is Aaron and Anna seeing if they can incorporate that Japanese marshmallow game I previously posted about into our Family Camp Olympics. They haven't found the right tubing yet. It made for a great picture though.

This is the face of my boss. You never know what Pastor Phil will do when he gets a camera in his hand.
My pastor's wife gave us a basket of goodies a couple weeks ago and in it was a pair of Bubba teeth for each of us. It's a good look, don't you think?

The cooks declared one day Secretary Appreciation Day and made us this scrumptious chocolate/raspberry cake.

These are the fabulous cooks that went the extra mile and baked a fabulous cake.

This picture has no point, but I thought it was cute and worthy of posting.

Lest you think it's all fun and games...We work very hard and keep the camp running. We have seen many, many campers put their faith in Christ this summer as well as other decisions. It is amazing to be a part of such an incredible ministry.

Well, I hope my long awaited update was worth it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Camp update coming soon....I promise. Stay tuned for a riveting tale of my life at IRBC. Okay, so maybe it's not riveting, but it is my life.