Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Start Spreadin' the News

Some of you that already know may be wondering why I haven't shared my latest news here yet. So I guess it's time to spread the news. This is difficult news, yet exciting at the same time. After much prayer and searching of God's heart, I've decided that it's time to leave IRBC. There are several factors that come into play. It's getting more difficult to keep up with the pace of camp life. I also want to be more involved in local church ministry, which is my love and passion.

I have loved my time at IRBC. Not only have I had a chance to minister, but being in the ministry here has changed my life. I will miss it more than I can put into words.

So now come all the questions...What are you going to do? Where will you live? Will you move to Illinois to be by family? Will you stay in the area? Those are very good questions...I'm glad you asked them. I have no idea. None. Nada. Zilch. Zero. But I know that I serve a God Who goes before me and knows all the steps He has planned for me.

I plan to be done at the camp on December 1. And right now, I'd like to take a month off to get my feet under me a bit and get a clear head. I'll probably start looking to answer all those probing questions after New Year's. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

Heath Update: I went to Mayo Clinic again on Friday. I'm starting to get some answers, but it may continue to be a long process. He wants to establish a pattern with my immune numbers before heading into any kind of treatment. No recent bouts with bronchitis or sinus stuff, so I'm thankful.

On a lighter note...It snowed!!!! I could hardly believe my eyes yesterday when I saw it. Not only did it just snow, but it snowed all day!!!! Here's a picture to prove it.


Carrie said...

Erin, thank you for sharing your news. I will be praying that God will direct you in this next chapter of your life. It will be sad to see you go - I know Aaron & Anna will really miss working with you every day - but I'm proud of you for following God's leading even when it's unclear yet what He has for you. Praying for you!!!

Mary Ann said...

Now I don't have to worry about letting the news slip :-) I will be praying for you, Erin. These job change decisions are exciting and scary at the same time. I'm so grateful we have the Lord to depend on! *hugs*
BTW, you guys can keep that nasty snow stuff :-)

Theo-Ann said...

We're continuing to pray for you, Erin. And--snow? You, too, huh? We just had our first snow fall this last weekend. Your picture is very similar to mine. It's posted with my comfort food recipe. Stay warm.:)

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Hey Erin-
Just found your blog--I knew you had one, but just found it :) Sad to hear your are leaving the camp, but I am glad you are following what God has for your life :) The camp will miss you, and so will all the campers :)
You look great! I'm gonna have to follow your blog so that I can keep track of you :)

Shannon/Jodi said...

IRBC=Erin! It will be so different there without you.

What an exciting--and scary--adventure you are beginning. We'll pray for God's direction in your life.