Thursday, April 15, 2010

House Update

I brought my camera to work because my laptop has been a little difficult with pictures lately. So then I plugged in my camera to give you a nice little photo update on the house and I see that I have been very bad about taking pictures of the updates. So I guess this will be a short update with few pictures, but I did want to get on here and post SOMETHING. I know...I know...I've been very bad about posting lately. My only excuse is that as soon as I get home from work, I start in on the house and work till it's time for bed.

The bathroom project was only supposed to take a week and we are on week three of the project. Some unforeseen things have come up, but the guys are also busy and get to my project when they can. It is SUPPOSED to be done this week, so we'll see.

My painting projects are going well. Stacey Ryal and her two kids came down for a few days last week and helped me get my living room painted. Stacey would do some while I was at work in the afternoon and then we'd paint together when I got home. I'm very thankful for her help.

The kitchen was all done at one point. There was a little phone cubby hole on one wall that I had asked the contractors to drywall over, so I knew I'd have to repaint that one section. Well...well...well...To match the texture of the plaster walls, he sprayed this stuff on, but not just on that one section. No, he had to spray the entire wall and even part of the ceiling. So I finally got all of that repainted Tuesday and finished up last night with a second coat in some areas.

I still have to paint the hallway by the bathroom and bedrooms. I've left that since I knew it would get nicked up with the construction in the bathroom. If they finish in there today, that will be my project tonight. I also have to paint the utility room. The utility room is a story in itself. I'll save that one for its own posting.

I'm learning a lot. Mostly, that owning a house is a lot of work. I'm also finding out where my security has been. This has been an expensive venture and I've had many moments of fear while I watch money fly out the window (my dad would say it's not flying out the window, but increasing the value of the house.) That being said, it's been hard for me to see my savings not sitting in my account. But I'm seeing time and time again that God provides. I'm so thankful to have my Savior by my side.

So here are a few pictures I do have.

This was the surprise I found when I came home the first day of the bathroom construction. There were going to leave the where are they? Good question. Still don't know why the walls were torn out.

Here is my new bathtub / shower surround. I love it!!!!!!!!

My bathroom looks completely different than these pictures, so I'll have to take some more and show you the updates. It's really taking shape and hopefully they'll have it done and I can show you finished pictures!

Here is my front room (using as piano and library room). You can't really see the color very well, but this picture was taken to highlight my new curtains. The wall color is grey. It looks really classy.

These last two shots are what I found when I came home to Stacey painting. Don't's all covered up, but I just loved the little painted "love notes."

Thanks for stopping in, and please literally stop in for a visit. I'll put a paint brush in your hand.


Anonymous said...

Just checked out your blog - new pics! So excited for you & proud of you Erin! ---Mom

Ann said...

Love it Erin! It's fun to own your own house and it is sooo worth it when you can say "see what I did!" But so NOT fun when something breaks! :-) Love the house!

Mary Ann said...

Wow - you are making some major progress, my friend! I am really impressed with your work ethic & your style. I will come see it in person someday. I can't wait!!!
I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend!

Carrie said...

So cute! I love the beautiful red curtains, I'm sure it's really sophisticated with the gray walls! :) I wish I had time to come down - I love to paint! :)