Thursday, April 12, 2007


I thought you might like to see what spring looks like in northern Iowa right now. We have already had 70° weather and green grass and now.......this is what we have.

While is was snowing all day yesterday, I remembered a quote from my friend, Mary Ann, while we were students at Northland. "The trees look so tired." And I must say that I am also tired of the snow and ready for the real spring!


Mary Ann said...

Oh my goodness! That one remark has been repeated more times than the Pledge of Allegiance! But it is so true...when the trees are coated with snow they look tired & burdened! But after seeing your pics I will completely quit feeling sad & upset about our cold temps. At least we don't have snow & I think I'll be able to run outside this weekend (good thing 'cause tomorrow is a 13 mile day!).

Jayne said...

wow I guess I can't complain about the rain we got last week here in Cali. :-)