Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Weekend Fun

This past weekend I had a great time with my two secretaries from this summer. They came up to visit and we played games, watched movies, ate burgers, went to Goodies, went to Applebees and had lots of fun. They did such a great job this summer and I'm excited to have Lynn working in the office again this coming summer.

Here are a couple pictures of our weekend.

Mmmmmm! Goodies is the best!
The three of us at Applebees - Annie, Lynn and Me

Working with the staff girls is one of my favorite parts about working at camp. I get to be boss, "mom" and friend. Some of those hats are more fun than others, but all are stretching for me. Because of the responsibility, I'm challenged to stay fresh in the Word because it needs to be my source for all of those responsibilities. I'm so thankful that when I feel inadequate, God says He will be my source of strength.

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