Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tag - I'm It!

Okay, so I was tagged quite awhile ago, but haven't had the time to post for awhile. So here it goes. I'm supposed to list 8 things about me and tag eight other people, so here it goes.

1. When I'm tired, I scratch my head. It doesn't itch; I just find it relaxing. My mom does it too.

2. I don't like the food on my plate to touch and I eat one food at a time. Don't know why I do it, but I do. Those trays from lunch at school would be perfect for me.

3. I love old movies - especially musicals. Don't get me wrong; I like new ones too. But they just don't make them like they used to.

4. I'm an office manager at a camp, but have never taken any secretarial or computer classes. Now I wished I had. I'm sure I would be a better office manager if I had.

5. I like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. I grew up on them and don't eat them often much anymore, but sometimes I just crave one.

6. I love American Idol. And yes, I actually voted this year. I wanted Melinda to win and she didn't, so I didn't watch the final night.

7. I have never had a boyfriend or even dated. I have been asked out a couple times, but had to say no. Don't worry, I'm okay with this. If God wants this for me, He'll make it happen in His time.

8. I'm afraid of water and bees/wasps. Can you tell, that I'm really trying hard to think of something?

Okay, since I have been tagged by a couple people and I'm not really sure who all reads, I tag whoever reads and has not done it yet. You just have to leave me a comment and let me know you did it so I can read it.


partyofsix said...

a pbj sandy sounds so good to me right now...

i hope to see you at camp this summer. i am hoping we can sink a pontoon or two as well.

Angie said...

Erin, I just wanted to let you know that I did the tag thing. I also love PB and pickle sandwiches. Nick thinks that it one of the most disgusting thing he has ever heard of. He won't even try it. I also can NOT stand to have my food touch.

Anonymous said...

I can think of a few more things to put on your list that no one else knows!!! =) Remember Symond's pond...oh, wait, that would include me too....oops. about??? Well, now that I got thinking, I can't think of anything where I'm not involved.