Saturday, July 21, 2007

Camp Update #2

I thought I should post some pictures and update you on what has been happening at camp. It has been a fantastic summer and we only have three weeks left with our full-time summer staff here. We still have a pretty full schedule through September, but the summer is drawing to a close.

Junior High Camp was incredible with over 20 teens accepting Christ as their personal Savior. On Monday, we begin Senior High Camp. We have spent much time in prayer and anticipate that God is going to do incredible things.

Here are some pictures we have taken in the office. Let's just say a little comic relief helps us keep our sanity. Enjoy!!!

We didn't plan it, but we all wore pink on the same day!!!

We had a little fun with the lost and found stuff.

We help serve the banquet meal on Tuesday nights of Family Camp. We just wanted you all to know that we do work outside of the air conditioning sometimes.

Judy is our volunteer bookkeeper and brings us yummy treats each week. Last week was caramel cake. Mmmmm.

Sometimes I never know what pictures are going to show up on my camera.


Angie said...

I'm glad to hear that you are having a good summer. The 2nd picture is a good look for you :) Praise the Lord for what He has done and for what He is going to do.

Mary Ann said...

Erin - you are SO gangsta! It looks like you are enjoying your summer & it is wonderful to hear how the Lord is working through the camp. It's flying by, isn't it? I miss ya & can't wait until November!

Anonymous said...

It's so great to hear that camp is going well! I love the updates! Keia

Anonymous said...

Erin - love the new pictures! Looks like you can have some fun & crazy times in the office. Praying for God to do great things in the remaining weeks of camp!
Love & prayers,