Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I think I'm tired, but I'll let you decide. I was getting ready to print the booklets for Junior High Camp next week and needed to decide how many to print. Here's what my thoughts were this afternoon. "We have 408 campers, plus 75 counselors and 75 staff. I'll subtract 150 for those in Springboard (program for 9th graders). Huh, I get 408." So I did the process all over again until I finally realized that 75 plus 75 is 150. So I think my brain is mush. Now math is not my forte, but really!

We are exactly half way through our summer after this camp is over. This weekend is our only long weekend and I'm headed to my parents for a much needed rest.

Well, I'll sign off for now and try to get to bed early.


Mary Ann said...

Poor Erin! I totally understand your exhaustion. Even with the holiday, I've been averaging about 5 hours of sleep each night for about 2 weeks. And it only seems to be getting worse. The nice thing is that I don't get crabby. I just get goofy & maybe a little borderline hysterical (but it's funny!). I hope you enjoy your weekend w/ the parentals!

partyofsix said...

your funny!

see you in a few weeks!

Shoogs said...

Hey Erin! I haven't replied to your email,but camp is going well! It always has it's ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade a second of it! I love seeing your updates. You are in my prayers, as is the rest of the IRBC staff. Us campy people have gotta stick together! Take care!

Amy B. said...

Hey Erin, I'm trying to get you a Red Dot in Africa. I have been on your blog 3 or 4 times but no dot yet. I'll try to visit more! Love it - keep up the good work!

Amy (Bekah's Friend)