Monday, October 8, 2007

Back to the Real World

Well, I'm back from vacation and back to work! It was a great time and I'll post some pictures and blog about it in detail later.

I got back last night just before 6:00, which was about two hours later than it was supposed to be. My flight from Minneapolis to Mason City was cancelled and they wouldn't have been able to get me home until today. Well, that wasn't an option, so Michelle and Barb (staff wives) came and picked me up.

More to come later...


Anonymous said...

Ok Ok - it's later and I am waiting with veiled patience to hear about your vacation and other things. So fill us in - you have had almost 2 weeks to recupe from your vacation - NOW BLOG!!


Erin said...

I'll try. It's been busy. But for you I will try.