Sunday, October 21, 2007


I'm finally posting about vacation. It was so much fun to spend some time with Bekah and meet Trina. We spent a couple days in Greenville, SC before heading to Savannah. In Greenville, we went hiking at Paris Mountain. It was absolutely beautiful.

Our favorite sites in Savannah were The Lady & Sons, Davenport House, Old Fort Jackson and a tour on Old Savannah Tours. I would recommend a trip to Savannah to anyone!!!

It rained almost the entire time in Savannah. Good thing I bought an umbrella while there.

Did I mention we got a free limo ride? It was the first time in a limo for all of us. Quite fun!


Angie said...

Thanks for the pictures. I'm glad you had a fun time.

Anonymous said...

yes, it was a lot of fun. I'm so glad we had the chance to go....

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! So glad that you guys could go & build some memories together! Love ya Erin!

Anonymous said...

Wow - love the pictures - especially Bekah in jail!! Good one! Glad you all had a good time - shame it rained - but a new umbrella - always a good find!