Thursday, November 1, 2007

Season of Prayer

Due to Halloween falling on a Wednesday night, we only had one girl come to class last night. At first, Stacey and I were very disappointed. We have been running 10-12 girls recently with all the visitors and it has really been exciting to see them learn. The one girl that did come joined another class for the evening.

Stacey and I decided to spend the time in prayer for our girls. Our goal is to first of all, see them all have a personal relationship with Christ. After that, we want them to be continuing to grow in that relationship. God doesn't make mistakes. Even though we very much missed the opportunity to open the Word with them, it was such a sweet time of fellowship with each other and with our Lord as we prayed for each one.

God is doing some great things in our class. Please continue to pray for them. Many come from unsaved homes, but that does not mean that they cannot grow to be young ladies that will serve the Lord with all their hearts.

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