Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Five Seasons

Yes, you read that title correctly. Here at IRBC we have five seasons and I have pictures to prove it.

We are of course most known for Summer. Then comes my favorite, Fall. Next is Winter and let's not forget Spring. But somewhere in between Winter and Spring we have another season called, Mud. That's right...mud, mud and more mud.

I took some pictures today of the snow melting creating rivers running over our dirt roads and the melting snow. The result is mud and lots of big puddles...including the lake in front of my door.

So I'm writing to say...Happy Mud!


Steve n Vickie said...

Its starting to look like that here to.

Amy Blackburn said...

Ooooh, That doesn't sound like much fun. Are you able to get out of your house WITHOUT stepping in the mud? I don't know if we have that season here - I'm pretty sure we won't - but it would almost be fun if I had had a lot of snow!!!

Mary Ann said...

Ahhh...reminds me of Northland. We don't have mud season here in IN. But we do have extremely changeable weather. If you don't like it now, wait a half hour & it could be completely different!