Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another Camp Update

Okay, so here is the much awaited update. Sorry it didn't come sooner, but the internet connection this weekend wasn't very good. But hey, it's still the weekend...and I digress.

This week is the end of the summer for our full-time summer staff. They have worked so hard and we will miss them so much!!! I have loved working with Keri and Melissa and will miss having their companionship in the office. They have done a wonderful job of making me look good.

I have learned much this summer. I'm not going to spill my guts for all the world to read, but I do want to say that God is good. It is amazing that He chooses to use me in this ministry. There have many that have trusted Christ this summer; many have given their lives to serve as missionaries; many have committed to read their Bibles and apply it to their lives; many have confessed sin. The list could go on and on. Even though I may not be the one counseling these in their decisions, it is wonderful to know that the work I do makes a difference in lives. People are changed because of what God does through IRBC.

On a lighter note, here are some pictures of the second half of the summer. Enjoy!

They just love to organize! I have to make a list of all the stuff I don't want to do before they leave me. (You think I'm kidding?)

Not sure what Anna was thinking when she did this to her hair that morning. Okay, so it was for Jr. Girls.
James wanted to see if his mouth was bigger than mine, so we took a picture to find out. Yep, an eight year old has a bigger mouth. I know what some of you are thinking about me and a big mouth, but I just want to say that if you can't be nice then keep it to yourself.
Some of the Dining Hall girls wore tie die one day. They came to help us fold new shirts for the gift store. Aren't they cute?

We'll call the next few pictures, "Fun with Lost and Found." We put out the lost and found at the end of the week, but we take a few fun pictures in the process.

This was a test run of "Don't Get Out of Your Chair Day. " It only lasted for one customer (don't worry, it was a staff member). What can we say, it was a late night.Aren't they cute in their camoflauge raincoats? It was pouring rain and they had to bring in several tubs of mail. Hence the raincoats that belong to Pastor Dave and Aaron.
I know...this is disgusting. Katelyn did the "Chubby Bunny" thing with bubble gum. She actually got 40 pieces of that gross stuff in her mouth!


Carrie said...

It's so fun to see pictures of your summer! Sounds like it's going well & you're having fun, so that's good!!! The picture of Anna is too cute- say hi for me! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, that last picture was nasty!!!!!
Looks like you had a lot good laughs this summer.

Stacey said...

okay, the pic of katie is gross!!! I love the fun with lost and found! Thanks for all you hard work. We've benefited and been blessed by it.

Mary Ann said...

The gansta sunglasses shot is by far my favorite! You are one tough chick, my friend ;-) Be careful traveling this weekend; I wish I could see you - next time for sure!