Sunday, January 4, 2009

Like Totally 80's

Last night the 20/20 Faith and Faith Impact classes from church had our Christmas party. We went with the 80's theme. Boy, did we have fun! Since I'm so young, I hardly remember that decade (cough, choke)....okay, so maybe I have a slight recollection. Enjoy the pictures!

This is our group - those of us that dressed up that is. There were a few behind the camera that didn't dress the part. Because of an ice storm only half our group made it.

This was a fun game. We had three teams. Each chose a leader and that person had to put a pair of stockings on their head. There were hole cut in them at the top of the legs. It was a contest to see who could make antlers first. We won!!!!

Time for some close ups.

This is Shayne and Jen Skellenger. Shayne went all out with a mullet wig.

Every crowd has to have some preppy people. Pastor Scott and Brooke Greening took on that roll.

Here are Jeremy and Stacey Ryal. Aren't they cute in their matching outfits?

Here are Jeremy and Sarah Barkema. I wish I had taken this the other direction. Sarah had on a skirt with leggings and then leg warmers. Anyone else remember that look? How do you like the big boom box?

This is Michelle Imoehl. She actually found an acid wash jean dress! It was totally rad. (just to keep in with the vernacular of the era.)

Pastor Phil and Barb crashed our party, but we were so glad they did. The were both students at Faith in the 80's. Barb is actually wearing her chorale dress! To us it looked more like the pioneer days. I guess we could call this look the "Christian 80's."

No, Mary Callison is not expecting, but she was during much of the 80's, so I guess this costume is fitting. I didn't get a picture of Pastor Dave, but he was sporting the Miami Vice look.

Lynnae and Alyssa came to my pad (er apartment) to get ready. I did Alyssa's hair with a crimper. Anyone remember those? Lynnae did some research online and found that if your make-up didn't make you look like a clown then you didn't do it right. I think we nailed it.
So don't be a need to plan you own party! It was like such a bodacious time!


Anonymous said...

Loved all the pics Erin. It looked like a totally rad party!!!--Mom

Theo-Ann said...

looks like your party was a hit! I love all the outfits.:)

Carrie said...

This is hilarious, Erin. Wow. I love the pregnant belly on Mary- it looked so natural!!! :) lol.

party of eight said...

looks like so much fun....