Friday, February 26, 2010

Almost Time

Well, the time is getting closer and closer. I leave for Creston on Sunday. Close on my house on Monday. And try to get unpacked and settled. My parents are then coming on March 8 to help with some house projects. Then I start work on March 15. It's happening very quickly.

Part of me is so excited and ready to jump in. The other part of me is a little sad to be moving away from my family again and missing my friends from camp and church.

I am, however, very excited to see what God has in store. There is no denying that this entire process and direction has been laid out by Him. I'm very thankful for the time I've had off to rest and recuperate. I'm also very thankful for the time I've had with my wonderful parents. If I had a choice in picking my parents, I couldn't have done any better than the ones God blessed me with. They have been so supportive and so generous. I am truly blessed.


The Sneaky Mommy said...

I think you'll love Creston! I know they'll love you! Praying all will go smooth!

Carrie said...

Yay - so exciting! But also, I'm sure, bittersweet. I'll be praying for you!!

So sweet about your parents. :)

the j. crew said...

very exciting! i am praying for you!

Mary Ann said...

Isn't it kinda sad as we get older that it's hard to find pure joy in things? It seems that for the next great or big thing we give up something that is equally great or big. But it's all good b/c the Lord is leading. I've been so very encouraged to see His direction in your life. I'm praying for you today as you close on your house. The day that I closed on mine my mom went with me (so glad for her support!) & I quite seriously had some chest pain from the excitement & nerves.
Your parents are very wonderful folks. They have done a great job with you! Love you, friend!

Anonymous said...

Exciting times...praying for you during all the changes.