Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I just want to solicit all the prayers I can.  The exam for my personal lines insurance license is tomorrow at 2:00.  Please pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only need 70% to pass.  I got 76% on my online practice exam.  I was disappointed that I didn't do better, but hopefully I'll do better tomorrow.

I'll let you know whether I pass or fail.


Mary Ann said...

I will be praying, Erin! I'm sure you will do well. Just relax & take your time.
I'm so excited for all these new things in your life!

Anonymous said...

We are praying Erin! Breath, pray & do your best. You will do well. Proud of you! ----Dad & Mom

Theo-Ann said...

Praying for ya, Erin. You'll do great!

Jen said...

Jesus is being flooded with prayers on your behalf! You'll do great Erin!! Praying for you!!