Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Wedding

Yesterday was Greg and Keri's wedding.  It was the first outside wedding I've ever been to and it was absolutely gorgeous.  The bride was absolutely gorgeous as well.  I'm so thankful I got to be part of her day.  I was a little busy being Keri's personal attendant, so I didn't take many pictures.

Congratulations, Greg and Keri Gosnell!

She was such a beautiful bride!

Anna and I got to be her attendants.  It was so much fun and it was such a privilege to be part of their wedding.

After driving to Ohio in one day and coming back the next, I'm zonked.  I'm very glad I have tomorrow off.


Anonymous said...

So glad to you guys could make it to Keri's wedding, even though it was a quick trip. She was beautiful! Love ya Erin! --Mom

Anonymous said...

I know it was a long weekend for you but I'm glad you were able to be at the wedding.

Sabrina said...

You forget that you're pretty, too!