Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gittin' Hitched

I just wanted to announce the Keri Herner and Greg Gosnell will be getting married!!!!! Greg has been emailing me all summer working on surprising Keri. She was very surprised!

So here is how it happened. Greg rode up to camp with a friend and hid out at Aaron and Anna's apartment from 2:00 until 8:00. When we wrapped up with the staff, I told Keri and Lacy I had one more surprise for them and blindfolded both of them and took them on a ride on the golf cart. (I didn't want Keri to suspect something by my only taking her.) I took Keri off and led her down the dock to where Greg was waiting. I had gotten Greg's camera from him that afternoon and was going to take a picture of her reaction when he took off her blindfold. Then I was going to leave them alone. Well, somehow I gut stuck on the lake end of the dock and there was no where for me to go. Plus he dropped down on one knee immediately, so I just kept snapping pictures for them. It was just so neat!

Congratulations Greg and Keri! I love you both very much!


Mary Ann said...

Hilarious! It cracks me up that you got stuck there with them. What about Lacy? Was she stuck there too? So much for a private moment, huh? But it's great that you got pics for them. Mike & I tried to take a pic of ourselves but our faces kept looking smooshed :-)

Steve n Vickie said...

Aww! I love -- love stories with a happy ending.