Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm sorry that I didn't take any pictures of the last few days for you. Phil and Dave were wonderful and gave us Monday and Tuesday off. It was so nice to have that time off. Here is how I used it.

On Monday, I walked 4.5 miles in the morning. Then I went in to Mason City and met Stacey and the kids. We spent part of the afternoon hiking at Lime Creek. It was the perfect day for that. We saw a mama deer and her twin fawns cross the river and then the crossed the path right in front of us. It was beautiful. I truly enjoyed being out in God's creation. After walking to much that day, I was exhausted and went to bed early.

On Tuesday, I worked out again, but inside this time. It was really nice to have the time to work out both mornings. Then I cleaned my apartment...laundry, floors, bathroom, etc. I love it when I get it all clean and fresh. I then baked some brownies for a friend and her kids that were coming over. I also cleaned lots of veggies and cut them up to have ready for snacks. Laura and her three kids came over a little after 3:30 and stayed till after 7:00. It was so much fun to have them here and let the kids play. We had a great time catching up.

Now it's Wednesday...back to work. I supposed I should get going and get up there. We have Men's Retreat this weekend and Grandview High School is coming in before that. So a busy week is ahead. Please be praying for us as we head into our busy retreat time. It is exciting that IRBC is used year-round.


Mary Ann said...

Days off are SO WONDERFUL!!! I love the morning leisure time so much - time to work out, make coffee & drink it at home, etc. I'm glad you enjoyed your days & were able to fill them with meaningful tasks.
When did you say you were gonna be at your m&d's?

Bekah said...

Glad you had a good time with Laura and her kids. You'll have to tell her HI for me next time you see her.

Steve n Vickie said...

What a great way to spend your days off. You always feel more relaxed after a day in the sunshine.

Pastor Steve Cox said...

Thanks for ALL you do at the camp and you deserve every day off you can be granted. Enjoy!!!