Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vacation Weekend

This weekend was spent with some of the most wonderful friends on the face of this planet.  These are the friends that you may only get together with once a year, but it feels like you were never apart.  These are the friends that know your most embarrassing moments and love you anyway. These are the friends that know your struggles and prayed with you through every one.  These are the friends that make you laugh till you snort. (I may or may not have done this.)  These are the friends that you miss the rest of the year and wish you lived closer.

We were missing two from our little college group...Bekah (in Japan) and Becky (had family obligations).  We missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We met in Galena, IL this year.  It's a beautiful, quaint town.  We did some shopping, some eating, some pool time and lots and lots of laughing.  I'm very blessed.

Me, Roxi and Mary Ann
Modeling some hats.......really, we're just goofs
Isn't that hat adorable on her?

Wrestling masks....I'm pretty intimidating, huh?
I think Mary Ann looks pretty scary
Roxi always has a smile on her face
We just can't seem to follow the rules.  This is U.S. Grant's home.  Wish we could have taken the tour.

We were on the phone with Bekah, so wouldn't totally miss out on our weekend. 

Here's a view of this beautiful little town
This is the not-so-pleasant part of our trip.  Someone banged up Roxi's car in the hotel parking lot.  They did leave a note and hopefully take care of the damage.

Weekend Vacation Part 2
Galena is only an hour away from my brother and his family and my aunt & uncle.  I couldn't be that close and not go see them, so I headed over there on Saturday afternoon and came back home on Sunday.  It was wonderful to hug my niece and nephew again and see how big they are getting.  It seems like only yesterday I was holding those little bundles in my arms.  I had a great visit with all of them.  My sister-in-law, Jamie, reads my blog, so this is my shout out to her.  Love you, Jamie!!!! (Scott too!  And Donna and Rog.....can't leave out anybody.)
Here's our goofy shot.  It's much better than the good shows our personalities.

Ethan's Birthday is Nov. 14, and I gave him is gift early. This was his reaction...I think he liked it! :)
It was a great weekend packed full of wonderful people.  I'm very blessed with a wonderful family and fabulous friends.


Stacey said...

ooh, what'd he get? Glad you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you had such an awesome weekend getaway. What neat memories you've made. A bit envious of your time with our family - can't wait 'til Thanksgiving! ---Mom

Steve n Vickie said...

Getting together with old friends is a real treat!!!