Thursday, March 22, 2007

Candy Please

The younger camp kids like to come in and raid my candy supply. So I buy a big bag once in awhile and also have lots of leftovers from the summer as well. The summer stuff is getting pretty bad, so I really need to buy some new stuff for them.

I told them they could have two pieces if they they let me take their picture and smiled nice. The key was the smiling. Some of them don't like their picture taken.

Just a couple days ago they came in for their candy and lined up and gave me hugs. It was so sweet. Little James Betz was the only one with enough guts though to admit that they wanted "big candy" (left overs from the concession stand during the summer). This made me laugh. They didn't get "big candy" that day, but I did let them have two pieces of the other. I'll take the hugs even if they are trying to butter me up.

Front: Isaiah, Sierra, James Back: Samantha, Sola

Pure silliness!


Anonymous said...

That is sooo cute that the kids come in for candy! They must just have a blast with you....even if they are forced to give you a kiss first!!!!! What a blessing they must be to you.

Mary Ann said...

Isn't it nice to have kids around? My boss's wife used to bring their boys in a couple of times a week & we had so much fun giving them candy, etc. It makes for a nice break in the work day, huh?