Friday, March 16, 2007

Joy, Joy, Joy

I named this post as such because I'm writing about the thing that brings me such great joy. On Wednesday nights at church, I teach the Jr. Girls Class. I have had this honor now for three years and I absolutely love it!!!!

My desire is to cultivate in my girls a passion for the Word of God and to live for Him. I tell them that the Bible is the most exciting book in the world. Every week I get up and they say, "We know, this lesson is going to be so exciting." There was a week when I was gone and when I came back the next week, one of my helpers had them look up other words for me to use besides exciting. It was a pretty good list, but I guess I'm stuck on the word.

This year, we have started our devotion charts. I printed up a little booklet for them to write their devotions in for the week. They get to put a sticker up on on their chart if they had their devotions every day that week. (We do allow one grace day.) I want them to get in the habit of being in God's Word when they are young. They have really done a great job!

Five of them will be moving up to youth group next year and I will miss them so much. I pray that they apply the things they have learned and as they grow physically, they also grow spiritually. I also look forward to the new girls coming up. The responsibility of teaching these girls humbles me greatly, but it is honestly one of my greatest joys. I love you girls!

Here we are in front of their devotion charts. Back row: Me, Ansley, Regan (twins - I hope I put them in the right order), Samantha, Linda, Stacey. Front Row: Hillary, Janette, Jenna and Trudy. Nicole and Lydia are missing from the picture.

Silly shot

Crew Time (working on their books)

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carissa said...

wow Erin! I'm so glad you wrote on my blog :) I LOVE the cruise pics and the comments. I HONESTLY could hear you and Bekah's laughs in my head just looking at your pictures! You both are so fun! I am glad you love your class and the influence with the girls! Take care and keep in touch!!