Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a Great Day!

I'm sorry there won't be any pictures in this post. I was going to take my camera with me and forgot it. Sorry!

I finished printing The Beacon today (our camp newsletter), and had a group of seniors at church that helped me put it all together. It's quite the process! I print 3,700 newsletters, which is two pages printed front and back. The seniors help collate, fold and label. They then have to be counted and sorted for the bulk mailing. I print the labels in zip code order which cuts down on a lot of the sorting.

Anna came to help me today since she wasn't subbing. When we got to the church, I opened up the back of my Jeep and one of the crates full of papers came spilling out. Now, it had been raining and really windy. Anna immediately dove to the ground to sacrifice her body for The Beacon. As she laid on the ground half under my jeep with her legs and arms sprawled, I ran to retrieve the run aways. It was at this moment that I really regretted forgetting my camera. I'm sure you would appreciate the story much more with pictures. She would little by little lift up parts of her body, so I could scoop up the papers. We saved all the pages!!!! The amazing thing is that not one page fell on a wet part of the ground and the wind stopped blowing. God is so good.

We got it all put together in record time despite the spill out of the Jeep, a coffee spill on the table and dropping a stack of some already sorted (all done by me by the way)! Thanks so much to all that helped. It would have taken me a week to do it all myself.

I also had Aaron and Anna, and Shane and Lynnae over for supper tonight. It was a last minute thing and I didn't have enough food for everyone, so we combined all of our meals together. It was a great night of fellowship. We ended the night with a game of Shanghai.

Well, I'm off to my parents' for the weekend, but just wanted to say hi to everyone. Have a great weekend!


Amy Blackburn said...

Oh I wish you had pictures too! Though she probably wouldn't have appreciated you taking pictures while she holds down the papers!!

Mary Ann said...

I'm glad you had such a good day! Jobs like that can be so overwhelming but as my extension pastor used to say, "Many hands make light work!". It's so true & it sounds like their company was a blessing. Have a great weekend with your parents!

Anonymous said...

What a great story! I can just picture it all. Have fun at your parents this weekend.

Stacey said...

Erin, will miss you on Sunday. Have a great time at your parents and my heart was with you yesterday. Wish I had been there.

Anonymous said...

Where is your video camera when you need it? Sounds as though it would have been a winner for 'Funniest Home Videos'. All in all it sounded like a day filled with blessings. Can't wait to see you tonight! Love you Erin!

Carrie said...

Oh, I'm so glad everything worked out with your newsletters!!! I would TOTALLY do something like that! I've been so scatterbrained lately- I sent out like 5 letters in the last month with NO address on them. They get returned. In case you were wondering. With a stamp that says "Need Better Address". But I'm sure nothing like that ever happens to you! :)

Steve n Vickie said...

Lol. Sound like somebody had the dropsies. Some days go like that. I'm glad it all turned out ok. Have a nice weekend. It's always nice to spend time with the fam.