Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chair Project

I bought new fabric/foam for my dining room chairs several months ago. Anna helped me pick it out and said she would help me learn how to do it. Well, we haven't found the time to do it since then. But last night was the night! I had Aaron, Anna, Shane and Lynnae over for supper and then we worked on the chairs. The boys watched a John Wayne movie while we measured, cut and and got stared.
Lynnae was our chief measurer (I'm not sure that's a word).

This is the only picture of me and you can tell I'm excited. It was the end of the night, what can I say?

After the movie the guys even pitched in to take apart the remaining chairs and Shane even helped staple. He was pretty much ready to go home and he thought he could staple better than Anna.

We have four chair completed and only six more to go. I think they look great! All the fabric for the other six is already cut and the chairs are already apart and ready to be stapled. I couldn't have done it with their help. Thank you!!!!


Stacey said...

Looks great Erin. Glad you had a lot of help!

Anonymous said...

erin, those look great!

Anonymous said...

I love it! They will be so nice.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to leave my name...I was the anonymous person