Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not Much Time Left

Well, there is only a little more than a week left of 2008. I committed to reading through the Bible in a year and thought I should give you a little update. I'm done with the Old Testament, which was my big concern. I still have about half of the New Testament to go and then I'm done. Do you think I can make it? I'm on vacation this week at my parents' so I'm hoping to get some extra reading in.

I have to say that I have really enjoyed it. But I am looking forward to reading at a slower pace once again. I find that when I take my time, I'm able to retain more and find more application.

So how have you done? Many of you said that you were also going to try to read through the Bible in a year. Have you met your goal or are you a little behind like I am? But more importantly, is God's Word impacting your life?


Carrie said...

Zachary and I have been reading about 10-15 verses in the Psalms a day- and we're finishing it tomorrow! It has been such an encouragement to me during this year of changes! :) Thanks for sharing!

Stacey said...

Way to go girl! As you know the OT was easy and I fizzled out at the Gospels. However, I've picked it back up reading the very exciting book of acts and am going through the Psalms again! Love ya, thanks for the encouragement!!

Steve n Vickie said...

wow! You have some stick tu it ive ness(however thats spelled). I'm way behind. I ended up spending more time in proverbs and got sidetracked.