Monday, March 9, 2009

State Basketball

Well, we didn't pull off a win at state, but it was a great day. I'm so proud of our guys...they played their hearts out! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

Faces in the crowd:
Yes, that's Cody Huber with his face painted. Most of the other kids in this section are church kids as well.

Jeremy and Ryan...pumped up!

Stacey and I. She kept referring to things in football terms. Who knew I would be the one to give a basketball lesson! No, there are no fumbles in basketball!

Anna and I. We had a great time on the way to the game and enjoyed time together during the two games prior to ours.
Yes, Aaron deserves to have this picture posted. This is his dad beside him, Pastor Hart.
Some summer staff came to the game as well. You should recognize Keri from summer pictures. She was one of my secretaries this past summer and is joining me in the office again this coming summer. I already have work waiting for her in her inbox.

Proud Ventura moms. Too bad they can't spell "Vikings." The two rows ahead of them are church people or camp staff as well.
James has had this mohawk since sub state. The blue color is new though. The kids at church are jealous, but I heard a rumor it is coming off tomorrow. Such a cute kid! The vest is a tradition by the way. He has worn it to all the games for years. It's too small now, but he squeezes in.
James and JP are great buds and had a great time at the game together.
And here are our guys at work! It was fun to watch them play!


Amy Blackburn said...

Wow that looked like fun. Too bad they didn't win.

Mary Ann said...

I'm glad you had a day of fun away from work, Erin! Even though they didn't win, they accomplished something huge getting there. I hope you're feeling much better? I'm pretty much back to normal (if I have a 'normal') ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great Pics! What an amazing day this must have been! Unfortunately the 'Vikings' didn't pull off a victory this time - Great season team!---Mom

Carrie said...

Cute pictures - wish we could've been there!!!

Steve n Vickie said...

Nothing better than watching a game in real life.

Anonymous said...

It is too bad they didn't win but they sure did do a good job getting to state! Love Jame's look!!!