Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Take the Challenge

Our church is challenging us to read through the Bible in a year. I was hesitant to commit to it because I hate committing to something that I'm not sure I can complete. During the summer there will be days that I won't have time to read this much, but I have decided to accept the challenge. I can always read ahead.

I've read through the Bible, but never in its entirety in a year. We are using a program that breaks it up nicely, so you aren't just reading it straight through. We will read two chapters in Old Testament, a chapter in the Psalms and one in the New Testament.

So who wants to take the challenge with me?

Today is:
Genesis 1 and 2
Psalm 1
Matthew 1


Anonymous said...

yes, the Lord has spoken to me as well in this area. Let's work on it together. How have you been doing so far???

Erin said...

It's easy at the beginning. Give me a month, then I'm sure I'll struggle a bit. :)

Mary Ann said...

I've decided to do something along these lines, too. My aunt gave me a Christian Daily Planner for Christmas & it has all the chapters of the Bible listed & then several reading plans. I like it b/c I can check off each chapter I've read & pick & choose which book I want to do next. So far so good but it's only day #3!