Saturday, October 11, 2008

Big News

Big confession here...I'm a dog person. I love dogs. But I'm also kind of specific about the kinds of dogs I love. I'm not feeling the love for those little chihuahuas. I'm also not one to like those little yippers, nippers or the ones the jump in the air and twirl in circles. I like big lazy dogs. And energetic hunting dogs. Dogs that are all about you. Otherwise, you might as well have a cat. (Sorry to all of you cat lovers out there.)

Anyway, about my news. I have been wanting a dog for quite awhile now and didn't think it was possible because of my housing/work situation. Well, I have learned not to limit God...even in things such as dogs. He knows our hearts and even cares about whether we want a dog. So guess, what??? Yep, you guessed it...I'm getting a dog.

My friends, the Ryals, went with me to the pound today and I totally fell in love. Let me introduce you.

So this may not be her best side...

This is getting a little better...

Ah, that beautiful face...

"Oooo! I think I may have made a friend from Russia!"

Aren't I adorable?

Look at this face...doesn't she look like a Troik. Yep, that is the name they have given her at the pound. I can't believe they would look at that face and name her Troik!!! Either they have no creativity or too much...I can't decide.

So I want you to help me decide on a new name for Troik (ugh...I can't stand to think that she is there being called by that name). I have a few suggestions, but I would love to hear your suggestions too. So even if you are stopping by my blog by chance and have never been here before, I want to hear from you. If you have known me from birth, I especially want to hear from you. If you claim to be my friend, I better hear from you! Okay, so here is my list:


I'm really leaning toward, Stella. Maybe you need to know a little bit about her. She is a seven month old Beagle/Terrier mix. She was found as a stray and brought to the pound. The pound does euthanize dogs, so I'm really glad that I found her. She has lots of energy, but was very eager to please. I'll have a lot of training work on my hands (potty, obedience), but she seems very submissive and smart. If I get approved as her new home, they will spay her, vaccinate her and give her an overall check up. Then I can bring her home most likely on Friday.

I'll be looking forward to hearing your ideas.


Angie said...

Ohhhhhhhh! She is so cute!!! I am so very excited for you! I like the name Zoe. But you know what name would fit her the best. I have a soft spot for beagles, they're my favorite.

Stacey said...

I was actually thinking that out of the list I liked Zoe best too. Then I saw Agnie's comment, great minds think alike. But you know I am partial to non-human names for my pets. Harley Davidson, Sunshine, Squeak, Cheeto (I don't know what happened with Sammy he was supposed to be Indiana but he just seemed too--clownish). But of your list Zoe is the best!!!

I like to bring them home and see their personality and go from there...

Carrie said...

Yay- so cute! As far as names, I don't know...I am so bad at naming animals... All the names you picked are cute- my favorites are probably Daisy and Lucy.

This is coming from someone who had a cat named Smokey & then another cat (Smokey's daughter)named Smokey Junior. So there you go. Creativity at it's best.

Anonymous said...

Here it goes for her official name:
Stella my Bella ok, ok I konw your not going to go for that so just Stell will work.

Steve n Vickie said...

I kinda like Zoe, but Stella will make a nice name too. So exciting to get a dog. You'll have lots of fun.

Anna said...

O.K. I like either Stella or Lulu (I like Daisy too but I don't think she looks like a daisy) Aaron said he thinks she looks like a Peanut (I know that's not even on the list:-) Anywho-Stella is my favorite!

Amy Blackburn said...

Too many choices, but so glad that you found a great dog! I agree with your assessment of dogs - don't like those yappers!!

A name that some friends here in SA have for their dog is Popelka or Pops (Said with more of a "u" sound than "o")

I have always liked the name Lady (my favorite dog growing up - Ladybug was her nickname!)

I think she looks like a Snickers - okay so my chocolate craving is coming through - but I see a SNICKERS in her!

Can't wait to hear what you pick!

Heidi said...


I like Zoe the best!
(pronounced Zo-ee, correct)? She's cute!

Stacey said...

OOH! I like Snickers too!! That is an amazing Dog name!!

Mary Ann said...

If you name her Stella we'll have to beller it at her all the time just like that guy in Streetcar Named Desire. Sorry, but that movie forever ruined the name Stella for me. I think Lulu is my favorite on the list, but I also kinda like names that wouldn't probably be a person's name. Anyway, congrats on your puppy!

Courtney said...

Yes!! That's so exciting that you're getting a dog! Finally :) Even after your bad experience with Rudy and the couch... She is super cute. I definitely like the name Stella, but I also like Zoe too, both are winners. Friday you're going to have a dog!!

Erin said...

I know you all liked Zoe the best, but I can't seem to get away from Stella. So, I'll get to bring Stella home on Friday.

Anonymous said...

I'm late, but can I vote anyway?

Of the options given, my favorite is Claire. Simple and sweet with a touch of idividuality. (I've heard it said that dogs only hear the first syllable of their name.)

Lola and Lulu sound an awful lot like Lula, the disliked and corrupt president of Brazil. (Then again, has Brazil had any other kind?)

Daisy is cute, but Anna's right. She doesn't look like a Daisy.

I've always liked Zoe but anymore it's overused.

I agree with Mary Ann about Stella. Sorry. But that's the great thing about it being YOUR dog - YOU get to name her! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Bekah is here...nayh nayh na boo boo, We love you...wish you were here too. Pookie.