Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jr. Girls Class

I have no pictures to show you since I never remember to take my camera with me. Last night, we had a fabulous class time. The size of our class doubled in one night. Please pray that the girls that visited will continue to attend.

Our theme this year is Jr. Girls Boot Camp. We have pink camouflage behind the verses for the semester all over the room! We divided the girls into teams this year with some fun incentives. Last night we let them pick their team name and they designed flags. We have the Pink Bombs and the Blue Tankers. I'll try to get pictures to post soon!

Several of our girls from last year have not returned. We have called and sent letters, so please pray that they are able to come back. We want God to continue to have an impact on their lives. I do realize that God can do that without us, but we truly love them and want to see them back.


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I really like the theme and the team names. Praise the Lord for the great work He is doing.