Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Won!!!

So I previously told you to check out this site. Well, I won something!!! It's such a thrilling feeling to win something. It makes you feel special even though it is totally random. So I will be the proud owner of a Pledge Duster. My mom will laugh because she knows how much I have always hated dusting.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a little incentive to get you on the dusting track.

Stacey said...

Congratulations! You can come and do my house anytime!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Erin - Congrats! I must admit it is sort of funny! Hey! Bring it along this weekend - we can do some dusting (JUST KIDDING)! Love ya Erin! -----Mom

mary claire said...

Hi Erin!
i am stacey's friend mary claire and i just wanted to say hey.
i have been to VBS every year so i know Stacey but i never met you.
I have a home church which is grace e free.
mary claire

Stacey said...

k now i am going to completly complain that no new posts and you need to update your blog. it is really easy, just pick one off the free website that your friends are using (Bekah, Amy, Me) and copy and paste the html code in as a 3rd party function gadget. there, I've logged my complaint, i feel better now. :) Love ya!!