Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pray for the Johnsons

Some of you may have noticed my list of blogs over on the sidebar. There is one I want to bring to your attention today. Please go and visit Pray for the Johnsons. Jessica was my secretary at IRBC the summer of 2004, and she is the niece of Dan and Michelle Stephenson who are on staff at IRBC.

Jessica and Josiah are a young couple that have faced so many trials in their few years together as a married couple. Their unwavering faith, despite these trials, is such an inspiration. Josiah is dying of cancer and it looks like his time here on earth is very short.

Please keep this special couple in your prayers during this time.


Katie@The Baby Factory said...

They have been on my heart and mind all day long. And after that last blog post, I've been praying {and crying my eyeballs out} most of the afternoon :)
Thanks for the reminder.

The Holgrimson Family said...

This is heart wrenching...I will pray for them.

Carrie said...

That blog is so heartbreaking - thank you for sharing - I came across it the other day & I can't imagine her pain, but I am praying for their family. I am so impressed by her strong words of faith on her blog.