Sunday, October 31, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Wednesday was my first Birthday away from my camp family and Mason Church friends.  I had a bit of a breakdown the week before.  You see, my camp family and church friends always made my Birthday so special since I was far from my family.  Thinking of celebrating without them just made me miss them even more.  Besides that, I simply love my Birthday!

It turned out to be wonderful. Tara, my co-worker, made me a cake, gave me a funny card and a gift.  The guys at the office bought me a cake, gave me a funny card and flowers.  My parents sent me beautiful orange roses and had them delivered to the office.  Bekah sent me a scarf from Japan.  I received many wonderful cards in that mail and some great phone calls too.  To to top it all off, three friends from Mason City met me in Des Moines to have a Birthday dinner.

It was a great celebration.  God knew I needed every one of those bits of encouragement.  He knew that I love my Birthday and made it special even though I'm in a new place and making new friendships.  I'm very blessed.  And I'm very thankful that God even cares about Birthdays.

I'm so thankful that Stacey, Mary and Keri made the trip down to celebrate.

This was our yummy dessert.  We went to Hu Hot for dinner.

These are those beautiful roses.


Sophie said...

Love you Erin! Glad God gave you a great birthday!

Theo-Ann said...

Happy belated birthday! So glad that God sent some people your way to make it really special for you.:)

the johnson crew said...

the orange roses are BEAUTIFUL! i am so glad you had a good birthday. - Happy Birthday Erin!

Mary Ann said...

What a wonderful bit of celebrating! I'm so glad you were remembered & made to feel special. Love those flowers!
I'm planning a bit of a birthday celebration a week late! :-) Can't wait to see you!!!

Steve n Vickie said...

Happy Birthday. Your desert looked extra yummy!!!