Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wonderful Neighbors

God has truly blessed me with wonderful neighbors.  When I moved to Creston, I prayed that God would place me in the perfect neighborhood where I could be a blessing.  It turns out they have been such a huge blessing to me!

On Friday afternoon, Karolyn called to ask if they could mulch my leaves.  She said Gary had the riding mower out with the mulcher on it and he really wanted to get my leaves done for me since it was going to rain.  She said he worries about me sometimes.

Well, I had just taken a picture of the tree in the back because I thought it looked so beautiful.  You can see the leaves underneath.

And here's what it looked like after he was done.  It looks so wonderful!!!

There are many more leaves to drop yet, but I'm so thankful for their help.  I think I need to do some baking or take them a meal.  They are so sweet.


Janeen said...

Thats so wonderful. Isnt it great to look back and stand in AWE of how great God is... I just love how HE takes care of us. Thanks for the reminder!

Mary Ann said...

That's wonderful, Erin! I'm so glad you have had some help. Home ownership is wonderful but sometimes overwhelming. Thank the Lord for people who look for ways to help others.