Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Results Are In!

The results are in ladies and gentlemen.  Which do I prefer?  A garage with carpet or a garage without carpet?  Drum roll, please!  Without!!!!!!!!!

I'm so thankful that it's finally gone!  I will now be able to park in my garage this winter.  The Henry Family was such a huge help.  I couldn't have done it without you!

Here are the after pictures, as promised.

Here is the Henry Family hard at work.

Even the kids got down and dirty!

Sweeping up!
The finished product.

These are the kind of pictures you get when you give the kids the camera and tell the to take some pictures. :)


Theo-Ann said...

Hooray! It looks great, Erin. That will be so nice for you come winter. The pix's the kids took are cute!:)

Anonymous said...

looks great!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! A garage that you can actually park your Jeep in, what an amazing concept. PTL! ----Mom

Mary Ann said...

Now I'm officially jealous - you have a functional garage! Think of me when you pull out with a clear windshield on frosty winter mornings. I'll be chipping away at my windshield :-) I'm seriously very happy for you - what a blessing to have this off of your to-do list!

Ann@StringerMama said...

Yay! Defnitely looks a little more USABLE! Isn't it crazy the things previous owners do to homes that make NO sense to the new owners? My friend just bought a house with all wood floors everywhere that were covered up with carpet and they didn't know about them until they started to do some remodeling. But they also discovered that the kitchen had laminate wood flooring on top of the already beautiful wood floors! CRAZY! But anyways, love the garage! happy car parking! :-D

Kari said...

Any man who looks at those pictures will struggle with jealousy over the number of shelves you have in your garage. Where are all your tools, anyway??